2017 Water Emergency


In February 2017, a series of events led to a large-scale water emergency in our community, resulting in Do-Not-Use and Do-Not-Drink directives for the entire service area that remained in effect for over a day. These directives were required to protect public health and the water supply. We know that the community has and will have many questions in the days and weeks to come. We are committed to working with the community to answer those questions honestly and transparently. As the community and OWASA recovers, we will continue to provide updates to the community on the impact and investigation of the event. Updates will be made available on our website. 

On April 13th, the OWASA Board of Directors approved the plan to improve safety and  reliability of the fluoride feed system at the Jones Ferry Road Water Treatment Plant. To read the action plan, please click here.

On March 23rd, the OWASA Board of Directors approved staff's plan to follow up on the water line break on February 3rd which contributed to the water emergency. Please click here to read the plan.

Water Emergency Relief Fund The Interfaith Council for Social Services has established an online donation account to assist those individuals whose apartments were flooded when the OWASA water main broke on February 2. Learn how you can help.

Investigation Updates

Water Quality Test Results

Frequently Asked Questions

Timeline of Actions Taken by OWASA and the Orange County Health Department in Regards to the February 2017 Water Emergency

Presentation by OWASA's Executive Director on the timeline of events (Presented at OWASA Board of Director's Meeting on February 9, 2017)

Results from testing of drinking water for fluoride before and after the fluoride overfeed on February 2, 2017

News releases by OWASA and Orange County regarding the water emergency, February 2-13

OWASA Board of Directors' Meeting where Water Emergency was addressed