Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI):

Resolution of the OWASA Board of Directors on March 24, 2016 authorizing staff to proceed with the procurement process and implementation planning for an AMI system  

What is AMI? 

An AMI system collects meter readings remotely via radio transmissions, eliminating the need to drive or walk through the community to collect this information monthly as we do now.

As a result of their efficiency, AMI systems can read meters more often (many times a day vs. once a month).

AMI systems also eliminate the potential for human error when reading meters.

Key benefits to customers

  • OWASA staff will have access to information that empowers them to proactively let customers know when their water-use patterns indicate a potential leak at the customer’s premises.

  • Customers will have access to their water use data online, providing much greater insight into how water is used.  This will help our customers conserve water and save money.

  • An AMI system will significantly reduce our vehicle use and associated greenhouse gas emissions for our meter reading program.

Impact on customers’ bills

Keeping our essential services affordable is one of OWASA’s most important goals. Investing in an AMI system will not, by itself, lead to a rate increase for OWASA customers.

The estimated $6 million investment in AMI will be offset by avoiding planned investments in our current, less efficient water meter technology and by savings from operational efficiency improvements. 

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