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Agua Vista is OWASA's new Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) initiative. We are making this investment in our infrastructure to enhance water services in the Chapel Hill-Carrboro area and to improve the efficiency and accuracy of water metering and billing. The system will use a radio network to transmit customer usage data to OWASA on a daily basis, eliminating the need for visual inspection of customer meters. The technology is proven, reliable, secure, and safe.

There are several benefits to an AMI system.

Water conservation from early leak detection, helping to prevent high water bills and property damage

Operational efficiency and increased meter reading accuracy. Our current meter reading staff will stay and transition to other functions.

Online water management tools where customers can monitor their water use and request consumption alerts (Coming in 2019)

Less vehicle miles for meter reading means less carbon emissions and traffic in our community

The project will take about 2 years to complete, with an estimated completion date of June 2019. We are currently working on installing the communications network and software infrastructure. We expect to begin full-scale meter installations in 2017 and will be in direct contact with customers a month prior to meter installation. The customer web-portal will be released in 2019.

Throughout the project, we will be working with three partners: Mueller Systems, Jonach Electronics, and Utility Partners of America (UPA). We hold these contractors to the same high standards against which we hold ourselves. The project logo will be prominent on correspondence, vehicles, and door tags to make them readily identifiable.

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Advanced Metering Infrastructure Feasibility Study

OWASA Board resolution authorizing staff to proceed with AMI Project

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ဆာက္အအံို (AMI) အစီအစဥ္ ျဖစ္ပါသည္။


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