Replacing water pipes on part of East Rosemary, Henderson and Hillsborough Streets

March 26, 2017

Current status

  • Our contractor has finished installing the new water pipe in East Rosemary Street, Henderson Street and Hillsborough Street. All new pipes are now in service. .
  • We sincerely thank you for your patience during this project. Our contractor was able to complete all work ahead of schedule.


Purpose: to maintain reliable water service including water for fire protection when needed.
E-mail addresses requested: To get information to you quickly, we request and strongly recommend that you share your e-mail address with us for future notices. Please click here to get on our distribution list.

What the work involves

  • Digging trenches in the pavement, installing new pipes, refilling the trench and restoring the pavement, etc. in the work area.
  • Meters serving residents and businesses along the new lines will be connected to the new pipes after they are tested and approved for use.

Updates: After work begins, we will send updates and post them on our webpage about once a month, but we will e-mail notices about traffic changes, etc. to people in affected areas whenever needed.

Comments or questions? Please feel free to contact Vishnu Gangadharan, P.E., ENgineering Manager, at 919-537-4248 or whenever you have any questions or comments.

If you have renters at your property/ies near our project, please ask them to contact us if they have questions or comments or wish to be on our distribution list for future updates.

We ask for and we thank you for your understanding and patience during our work to maintain reliable water service.

Notice mailed to customers and property owners on April 13, 2016

Summary of the Community Meeting on April 21, 2016 regarding this project: please click here.

Update on May 31, 2016

Update on June 29, 2016

Update on August 18, 2016

Update on December 14, 2016